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Online Course - Transformation

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How to Transform Negative Energies into Positive

Experience based Teachings with Guided Meditative Processes and Blessings through Ancient Technology of Consciousness.

You will Learn:

  • Power of Heavenly Presence
  • Realization of Oneness
  • Declutchment of the Mind
  • Transcending Obstacles
  • Key to the Bestower of Intelligence
  • The Mechanism of Letting Go
  • The Paradox of Universal Intelligence

You will Experience:

  • Breakthrough-based Teachings
  • Guided Meditative Processes
  • Contemplative Deepening Processes
  • Increase the Connection to Sacred Presence within
  • Energy Transmissions
  • Sacred Sound Mantras
  • Golden Age Consciousness Meditation (only offered to those who join Live on this course)

Transformation - 2,50 h course

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Online Course - Transformation

0 ratings
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