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Online Course - Living with Divine

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What is it like to Live with the Divine?

Is this something everyone can experience?

In this Online Course Anette will share from her own experiences how a relationship with Divine can manifest in every aspect of our life. Through deep meditative processes and Energy Transmissions you will embark on an inner Journey of Discovery how this Sacred Bond can manifest into a dawn of Living with Divine.

Living with Divine is nothing less than the Divine manifesting in our Life in a way that is close to our nature. Depending on so many factors it can appear in many forms, both physical manifestation, a mystical experience, divine synchronicities or miracles. Our human bodies are designed to experience this, everyone in our own way, as we connect into the Power of Grace.

The greatest hindrance in our life is that we do things purely on our own effort and forgetting about the Strength and Power of our Divine. Living with Divine is not being caught up in heaven, but heaven coming down to you. It is not a fairy tale life of everything going right in the world, but a life filled with what is in alignment with heaven and how to access the Power of Grace.


  • How to Live with Divine in your life
  • Manifestation of your Bond with Divine
  • Higher Laws of Universal Consciousness
  • Transcendence of Obstacles in your life
  • Access Power of Grace


  • Experiential Teachings
  • Guided Meditative Processes
  • Power of Grace
  • Energy Transmissions of Sacred Sound Mantras

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Duration : 3h . Part 1 and 2

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Online Course - Living with Divine

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