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"Being Wealthy with Purpose"

For the first time Helen & Anette are having a workshop together. Both have extensive experience in helping people connect with Grace and live a meaningful, joyful, abundant and fulfilled life.

This time on our planet brings increased light, and we are accessing accelerated ascension energy causing huge life-altering changes that are unfolding. It is happening for just about everyone now. We can now direct the energy to support Divine manifestations of Love, Abundance and Spiritual Growth in our lives. To clear distortion from our energy field and to profoundly realign with our Essence of Divine Grace, Light and Truth.

You will Learn and Discover what wealthy means from the ancient Chinese wisdom learning about the hidden codes and principles for creating and sustaining wealth. Embracing the four pillars of Wealth and Awaken into your True Nature. Explore Being Wealthy with Purpose and Honor your Sacred Agreement. You will receive Transformative Guided Processes ”back in time” to let go and move into Power of Grace. Anchoring the Light into the Golden Age. Receiving Energy Transmissions of Supreme Light and Golden Age Consciousness.

This workshop is about turning a page, letting go of old concepts and it’s about reaching a new level of Love and Light and stepping into our Purpose and Being Wealthy and in harmony with Life. We are moving into alignment with the Truth that we are One with the Divine, One with All, and step into our Highest Potential as a human being.

  • What does Wealthy mean?
  • Why do you want to be wealthy?
  • The purpose of my life
  • Grace & what does it have to do with Wealth

Content of the workshop

  • Ancient Chinese wisdom: hidden codes and principles for creating and sustaining wealth
  • The four aspects of wealth: not just money & material possessions
  • What does it mean to you personally: a journey to discover the true meaning of wealth
  • 2,5 hours workshop

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Workshop Helen & Anette

4 ratings
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