Online Course: Sacred Sound Mantra

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Sacred Sounds Mantra Online Course with Anette Carlstrom

 - Repeating or singing a Sacred Mantra is the easiest way to connect into the Divine Consciousness; the Higher Intelligence inside. No matter what is going on in your life, apply the Sacred Mantras and attune to the Sacred Sounds to easily cleanse any negative emotion. Learn how you can easily access this Extraordinary Ancient Technology of Consciousness.

  • Learn the Sacred Sound Medicine of Transformation
  • Discover the Ancient Technology of Consciousness
  • Move easily into the Intelligence of the Heart

In the Course you will Learn: 

  • How Sacred Sound Mantras can help your Daily Life
  • How to Deepen the Connection to your Divine
  • The Different ways how to use a Sacred Sound Mantra
  • Learn several mantras as tools for your Journey of Transformation
  • Connect into the Sacred Sounds to access Intelligence of the Heart
  • Transcend into Higher states of Consciousness
  • Attune your body-mind-consciousness


* Several Guided Meditative Processes with Sacred Sound Mantras as Blessings.

Included: pdf file - 14 Sacred Mantras with different meanings

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Pdf file: 14 sacred mantras
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Online Course: Sacred Sound Mantra

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